This list of Wizards of the Coast products includes games and other products published by Wizards of the Coast as an independent developer and publisher, and any of its subsidiaries, its computer and video game divisions, and later as a brand of Hasbro.

Games and productsEdit

Board games (produced under the Avalon Hill name)Edit

Collectible card gamesEdit

Miniature GamesEdit

Online GamesEdit

Role-playing games and supplementsEdit

Wizards of the Coast drafted the Open Game License used by Open Gaming Foundation and the d20 system.

Standalone card gamesEdit

Fantasy novel seriesEdit

Wizards of the Coast also publishes many fantasy novel series based on its other game products. Some of these are now out-of-print.

Wizards also has a juvenile publishing imprint, Mirrorstone Books, which has produced books for StarSisterz, Dragonlance: The New Adventures and Knights of the Silver Dragon.