Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
Card List
Set Number Card Name Rarity Card Number Category
LOB-EN000 Tri-Horned Dragon Secret Rare 39111158 Normal Monster
LOB-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare 89631139 Normal Monster
LOB-EN002 Hitotsu-Me Giant Common 76184692 Normal Monster
LOB-EN003 Flame Swordsman Super Rare 45231177 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN004 Skull Servant Common 32274490 Normal Monster
LOB-EN005 Dark Magician Ultra Rare 46986414 Normal Monster
LOB-EN006 Gaia the Fierce Knight Ultra Rare 06368038 Normal Monster
LOB-EN007 Celtic Guardian Super Rare 91152256 Normal Monster
LOB-EN008 Basic Insect Common 89091579 Normal Monster
LOB-EN009 Mammoth Graveyard Common 40374923 Normal Monster
LOB-EN010 Silver Fang Common 90357090 Normal Monster
LOB-EN011 Dark Gray Common 09159938 Normal Monster
LOB-EN012 Trial of Nightmare Common 77827521 Normal Monster
LOB-EN013 Nemuriko Common 90963488 Normal Monster
LOB-EN014 The 13th Grave Common 00032864 Normal Monster
LOB-EN015 Charubin the Fire Knight Rare 37421579 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN016 Flame Manipulator Common 34460851 Normal Monster
LOB-EN017 Monster Egg Common 36121917 Normal Monster
LOB-EN018 Firegrass Common 53293545 Normal Monster
LOB-EN019 Darkfire Dragon Rare 17881964 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN020 Dark King of the Abyss Common 53375573 Normal Monster
LOB-EN021 Fiend Reflection #2 Common 02863439 Normal Monster
LOB-EN022 Fusionist Rare 01641882 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN023 Turtle Tiger Common 37313348 Normal Monster
LOB-EN024 Petit Dragon Common 75356564 Normal Monster
LOB-EN025 Petit Angel Common 38142739 Normal Monster
LOB-EN026 Hinotama Soul Common 96851799 Normal Monster
LOB-EN027 Aqua Madoor Rare 85639257 Normal Monster
LOB-EN028 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame Common 15401633 Normal Monster
LOB-EN029 Flame Ghost Rare 58528964 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN030 Two-Mouth Darkruler Common 57305373 Normal Monster
LOB-EN031 Dissolverock Common 40826495 Normal Monster
LOB-EN032 Root Water Common 39004808 Normal Monster
LOB-EN033 The Furious Sea King Common 18710707 Normal Monster
LOB-EN034 Green Phantom King Common 22910685 Normal Monster
LOB-EN035 Ray & Temperature Common 85309439 Normal Monster
LOB-EN036 King Fog Common 84686841 Normal Monster
LOB-EN037 Mystical Sheep #2 Common 83464209 Normal Monster
LOB-EN038 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Common 44287299 Normal Monster
LOB-EN039 Kurama Common 85705804 Normal Monster
LOB-EN040 Legendary Sword Short Print 61854111 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN041 Beast Fangs Short Print 46009906 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN042 Violet Crystal Short Print 15052462 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN043 Book of Secret Arts Short Print 91595718 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN044 Power of Kaishin Short Print 77027445 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN045 Dragon Capture Jar Rare 50045299 Continuous Trap Card
LOB-EN046 Forest Common 87430998 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN047 Wasteland Common 23424603 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN048 Mountain Common 50913601 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN049 Sogen Common 86318356 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN050 Umi Common 22702055 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN051 Yami Common 59197169 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN052 Dark Hole Super Rare 53129443 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN053 Raigeki Super Rare 12580477 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN054 Red Medicine Common 38199696 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN055 Sparks Common 76103675 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN056 Hinotama Common 46130346 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN057 Fissure Rare 66788016 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN058 Trap Hole Super Rare 04206964 Normal Trap Card
LOB-EN059 Polymerization Super Rare 24094653 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN060 Remove Trap Common 51482758 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN061 Two-Pronged Attack Rare 83887306 Normal Trap Card
LOB-EN062 Mystical Elf Super Rare 15025844 Normal Monster
LOB-EN063 Tyhone Common 72842870 Normal Monster
LOB-EN064 Beaver Warrior Common 32452818 Normal Monster
LOB-EN065 Gravedigger Ghoul Rare 82542267 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN066 Curse of Dragon Super Rare 28279543 Normal Monster
LOB-EN067 Karbonala Warrior Rare 54541900 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN068 Giant Soldier of Stone Rare 13039848 Normal Monster
LOB-EN069 Uraby Common 01784619 Normal Monster
LOB-EN070 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Ultra Rare 74677422 Normal Monster
LOB-EN071 Reaper of the Cards Rare 33066139 Effect Monster
LOB-EN072 Witty Phantom Common 36304921 Normal Monster
LOB-EN073 Larvas Common 94675535 Normal Monster
LOB-EN074 Hard Armor Common 20060230 Normal Monster
LOB-EN075 Man Eater Common 93553943 Normal Monster
LOB-EN076 M-Warrior #1 Common 56342351 Normal Monster
LOB-EN077 M-Warrior #2 Common 92731455 Normal Monster
LOB-EN078 Spirit of the Harp Rare 80770678 Normal Monster
LOB-EN079 Armaill Common 53153481 Normal Monster
LOB-EN080 Terra the Terrible Common 63308047 Normal Monster
LOB-EN081 Frenzied Panda Common 98818516 Normal Monster
LOB-EN082 Kumootoko Common 56283725 Normal Monster
LOB-EN083 Meda Bat Common 76211194 Normal Monster
LOB-EN084 Enchanting Mermaid Common 75376965 Normal Monster
LOB-EN085 Fireyarou Common 71407486 Normal Monster
LOB-EN086 Dragoness the Wicked Knight Rare 70681994 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN087 One-Eyed Shield Dragon Common 33064647 Normal Monster
LOB-EN088 Dark Energy Short Print 04614116 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN089 Laser Cannon Armor Short Print 77007920 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN090 Vile Germs Short Print 39774685 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN091 Silver Bow and Arrow Short Print 01557499 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN092 Dragon Treasure Short Print 01435851 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN093 Electro-Whip Short Print 37820550 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN094 Mystical Moon Short Print 36607978 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN095 Stop Defense Rare 63102017 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN096 Machine Conversion Factory Short Print 25769732 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN097 Raise Body Heat Super Short Print 51267887 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN098 Follow Wind Super Short Print 98252586 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN099 Goblin's Secret Remedy Rare 11868825 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN100 Final Flame Rare 73134081 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN101 Swords of Revealing Light Super Rare 72302403 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN102 Metal Dragon Rare 09293977 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN103 Spike Seadra Common 85326399 Normal Monster
LOB-EN104 Tripwire Beast Common 45042329 Normal Monster
LOB-EN105 Skull Red Bird Common 10202894 Normal Monster
LOB-EN106 Armed Ninja Rare 09076207 Effect Monster
LOB-EN107 Flower Wolf Rare 95952802 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN108 Man-Eater Bug Super Rare 54652250 Effect Monster
LOB-EN109 Sand Stone Common 73051941 Normal Monster
LOB-EN110 Hane-Hane Rare 07089711 Effect Monster
LOB-EN111 Misairuzame Common 33178416 Normal Monster
LOB-EN112 Steel Ogre Grotto #1 Common 33178416 Normal Monster
LOB-EN113 Lesser Dragon Common 55444629 Normal Monster
LOB-EN114 Darkworld Thorns Common 43500484 Normal Monster
LOB-EN115 Drooling Lizard Common 16353197 Normal Monster
LOB-EN116 Armored Starfish Common 17535588 Normal Monster
LOB-EN117 Succubus Knight Common 55291359 Normal Monster
LOB-EN118 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare 55291359 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN119 Pot of Greed Rare 55144522 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN120 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 08124921 Normal Monster
LOB-EN121 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 44519536 Normal Monster
LOB-EN122 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 07902349 Normal Monster
LOB-EN123 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 07902349 Normal Monster
LOB-EN124 Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 33396948 Effect Monster
LOB-EN125 Gaia the Dragon Champion Secret Rare 66889139 Fusion Monster

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